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A Different Type Of Dating

Dating in your 60’s is probably very different from when you were, let’s say; in your 20’s. When you were younger, you were probably still getting to know yourself and what you wanted from life. You may have wanted to meet somebody to start a family with. Now you’re older, you probably have grown up […]

Should I discuss my late partner on a date?

We have been asked this question a few times now, and in all honesty, there isn’t one simple answer. While honesty is very important in any relationship and on any date, there are probably many details about your life you wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing with somebody you meet for the first time, or are just […]

Slow down…

Hey, take it easy! There’s no need to rush online dating. After all, you don’t want to end up with a frog, when there could be a shining price or princess, just around the corner. Ok, that may not be entirely true, but you get the idea. Take your time, and really get to know […]

3 tips to getting your senior dating profile noticed…

Tip 1. Smile Tip 2. Smile Tip 3. Smile It would be rude to charge somebody for a smile, which is why they are usually free A smile on your dating profile photo will get you bags more attention and messages, than a startled looking police mug shot. A smile shows your best side too. […]

Keep Out Of the Cold With Cozy Senior Dates This Winter

Winter is drawing in and what better time to find that special over 60 single man or woman to snuggle up with in front of a roaring fire? We know how busy people are at this time of year, so we’ve been working round the clock tinkering and clunking about on to make the […]