Finding Family & Building Bonds

By | June 11, 2015

The current BBC 1 show Family Finders shows how successful people finder services such as in Leeds are bringing lost relatives back together.

Maintaining strong family bonds is very important to many of us, but there are those among us who, for whatever reason; just don’t have that luxury in their lives. Brand new bonds are created through online dating services such as ours all the time, which in turn can create even more bonds across families meeting for the first time through a new relationships, but those families have to be there in the first place.

The BBC follows several heartfelt stories of people searching for members of their families they have lost touch with over the years. Some stories end in tears of joy while others are not so happy, but what looks like what might be an unhappy ending can suddenly become an unexpected revelation.

You can watch eposides of Family FInders on the BBC’s website for 30 days after they are broadcast here.

BBC - Family Finders

Claire Seville and her sister Sarah were reunited with their father George with thanks to the people finder service

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