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The best singles holidays for the over 60s

best over 60 singles holidays

Who says there’s an age limit on exploring the world? With the average age of a solo traveller at 54 and expected to keep rising, it’s proof that plenty of over-60s are already discovering there’s more choice than ever when it comes to singles holidays.

So whether you’re new to travelling alone or are looking for a more adventurous solo trip, take some inspiration from these great singles holidays for over 60s.

Cruising for over-60s

Cruises have always been popular with 60+ travellers – and they’re ideal for solo travellers as well, especially as cruise companies cut the traditional single supplements and work hard to make their ships more welcoming to those voyaging alone.

Norwegian Cruise Lines was one of the first to introduce single ‘studio’ cabins, with a separate lounge area for singles on Norwegian Epic.

Meanwhile Fred Olsen Cruises has special options for solos, including dinner and dance hosts plus companions for shore excursions, and is particularly popular with older solo travellers.

If you want to guarantee all the guests on board will be over 50 at least, Saga Travel has two cruise ships with single cabins, a singles meet-up on each port day if you want to explore in company, as well as a singles drinks party and lunch during the voyage.

Or try a more intimate cruise to ensure you get to know your fellow passengers. The Majestic Line sails around western Scotland’s beautiful islands, with a maximum of 10 guests on board including two cabins for single occupancy, while the luxury barge holidays from European Waterways have no more than 20 passengers, and no single supplement on selected dates as you explore the countryside of France, Germany, Italy and further afield.

Group trips for solo travellers

Joining an escorted group tour is one of the most popular ways to explore, especially if you’re new to travelling solo or want to head further off the beaten track. Within the small groups, you’ll normally find between a third and half travelling alone, including options to share a room or pay a small supplement for your own space.

Although many are open to all ages, some companies are especially popular with older solo travellers, while some target over 50s in particular.

Cox & Kings has tours exclusively for solo travellers, with most aged over 50, venturing from the iconic sights of India and Asia to the natural glories of Costa Rica along with Russia’s two famous cities.

Or for more adventure, the tours from Central and South America specialist Journey Latin Americ a are popular with 35 to 65-year-olds, almost half travelling solo. Take your pick of itineraries visiting Peru and Bolivia as well as less-discovered Central America.

Further north, the escorted coach tours from American Sky cover the many highlights of the USA while Great Rail Journeys has a mix of destinations, with no solo supplements on selected dates, and are ideal for older solo travellers.

Learning holidays

If you’re looking for more than just a tan from your singles holiday, you can brush up your skills or knowledge on a surprising array of learning holidays.

GoLearnTo has holidays for solo travellers with no single supplement and guests who are into their 70s – learn anything from photography to cookery to jewellery and perfume making to Pilates, as well as language courses.

Or choose a trip which lets you explore your passion, guaranteeing some like-minded fellow travellers. Peter Sommer Travels is ideal for those fascinated by ancient culture and history, with expert guides leading the archaeological tours of the Mediterranean, including small cruise holidays and land-only itineraries. Guests are mostly aged between 40 and 70, although one traveller celebrated his 83rd birthday during a trip.

If you prefer to stay closer to home, Martin Randall Travel offers tours themed by art, literature and gardens, among other topics. Classical music lovers, meanwhile, will love the tours visiting music festivals across Europe from Kirker Holidays.

And with themed courses from Pilates to poetry as well as personal development, Cortijo Romero in Andalucia, Spain is popular with both over-50s and solo travellers for the week-long retreats in its converted farmhouse.

House party holidays

Sometimes only the beach will do – and there are plenty of companies providing sun, sea and solo-friendly relaxation.

Singles specialists Friendship Travel, Solos Holidays and Travel One all offer house party-style holidays, a sociable way to enjoy the sun. With trips around the Mediterranean, some take over the entire hotel, others have trip hosts to make sure everyone feels included.

The Club Solos Holidays from Solos Holidays also have breaks for different age ranges, including a 45+ option, while Travel One is particularly popular with travellers in their 40s, 50s and 60s.

Alternatively, the Mistral Hotel in Crete is exclusively for singles, with guests ranging from their 20s to their 70s and a series of local activities and excursions if you can be tempted away from the two pools and the nearby beach.
Mercury Holidays has a string of hotels with no single supplements too, from the palm fringed beaches of Sri Lanka, Bali and Mauritius to Malta and the Algarve.

And when the solo travel bug has bitten, and a week’s just not enough? Saga Holidays’ long-stay deals include hotels in the Canary Islands and Caribbean with no single supplement and discounts such as four weeks for the price of three.

By Cathy Winston, 101 Singles Holidays

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A Different Type Of Dating

A different type of over 60s dating

Dating in your 60’s is probably very different from when you were, let’s say; in your 20’s. When you were younger, you were probably still getting to know yourself and what you wanted from life. You may have wanted to meet somebody to start a family with. Now you’re older, you probably have grown up children of your own, maybe with their own children, so starting a new family is unlikely to be on the agenda.

Singles in their 60s are more likely to take a little longer choosing their perfect partner, really getting to know somebody, instead of leaving too much to chance. This doesn’t mean that somebody is overly cautious, it could be that they’re just not in a rush.

So what might people want in a new partner at this time of their life?

Companionship is very important in later life. Having somebody there to share your time, your interests and loves with doesn’t have a price.

A complete family

There are many reasons you might be single in your 60s. Introducing a new partner to your family can make you family feel more complete. Your new partner probably has a family of their own, making your family feel much larger and warmer.

The difficult times

Difficulties or problems can arise at any time of life. Having somebody to share those times, halves the impact they may have.

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Should I discuss my late partner on a date?

We have been asked this question a few times now, and in all honesty, there isn’t one simple answer.

While honesty is very important in any relationship and on any date, there are probably many details about your life you wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing with somebody you meet for the first time, or are just getting to know.

Probably the most inevitable question you will be asked on a date, is “why are you single”. Of course it’s entirely up to you to how you answer that.

We recently saw what happened when widower Ted met divorcee Marianne on the popular Channel 4 dating show ‘First Dates‘. Ted had been a widower for some 3 years. The date went well for a little while, until Ted mentioned his late wife, after which, he couldn’t seem to get off the subject. We could see Marianne empathised with Ted, but still wasn’t too comfortable after a while. At the end of the date, Marianne told Ted she didn’t think he was over his late wife, and probably wasn’t ready to move on.

If you are a widower,and your date asks why you are single, tell them, but maybe don’t dwell on the issue and try moving the conversation to to ‘now’ and ‘our date’.

Have a great date.

Channel 4 First Dates

Finding Family & Building Bonds

The current BBC 1 show Family Finders shows how successful people finder services such as in Leeds are bringing lost relatives back together.

Maintaining strong family bonds is very important to many of us, but there are those among us who, for whatever reason; just don’t have that luxury in their lives. Brand new bonds are created through online dating services such as ours all the time, which in turn can create even more bonds across families meeting for the first time through a new relationships, but those families have to be there in the first place.

The BBC follows several heartfelt stories of people searching for members of their families they have lost touch with over the years. Some stories end in tears of joy while others are not so happy, but what looks like what might be an unhappy ending can suddenly become an unexpected revelation.

You can watch eposides of Family FInders on the BBC’s website for 30 days after they are broadcast here.

BBC - Family Finders

Claire Seville and her sister Sarah were reunited with their father George with thanks to the people finder service

Escape The World Cup With Somebody Special

Football is a bit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. While some of us are over the moon that it’s footy footy footy everywhere while the World Cup is on, there are some of us who would sooner spend a few weeks on the moon to escape all the relentless fuss.

What better time to find somebody special to either whoop about the latest match, or run away from the whole thing with. To top that idea, it looks like this summer is going to be a scorcher, one to share.

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escape the world cup this year

Slow down…

Hey, take it easy!

There’s no need to rush online dating. After all, you don’t want to end up with a frog, when there could be a shining price or princess, just around the corner. Ok, that may not be entirely true, but you get the idea.

Take your time, and really get to know the people you meet online, to help keep your options open.

We’ve all done it, met somebody online, and only focused our attention on that one person, blocking out all other potential suitors.

At, we keep our premium membership prices as low as we possibly can, to save you worrying about how long it takes to really get to know somebody.

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3 tips to getting your senior dating profile noticed…

Tip 1. Smile
Tip 2. Smile
Tip 3. Smile

It would be rude to charge somebody for a smile, which is why they are usually free

A smile on your dating profile photo will get you bags more attention and messages, than a startled looking police mug shot. A smile shows your best side too.

So get snapping folks…

Smile to get your senior dating profile noticed

Another Singles Over 60 success story

Elaine and Patrick together - Another success

Meet Elaine & Patrick, our latest senior dating success story from Singles Over 60.

I first got in touch with Patrick on 24th March, he booked a Sunday lunch at a restaurant and spent the rest of the day at Little Studley Park, a National Trust beauty spot with lakes and fallow deer. We both knew we wanted to see each other again.

Since then we have seen each other five times a week and he texts me every day; I have met his two daughters and son several times, and he has met my mother twice (she is 97 and still living in her own flat).

I already had two holidays planned this year before I met Pat, but we intend to spend at least one holiday together in the middle of my two.

My life has really taken off since I’ve known Pat, he is a fabulous man, a family man and a fun man. So thank you Singles Over 60 for introducing me to him.


Everyone at Singles Over 60 wishes Elaine and Patrick a happy future together.

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